Exquisite Woodworking

Like so many artists before him, Randy Johnson learned his trade from his father. Working with wood is a family tradition, one that his father taught him and both he and his brother carry on. Creating wooden plaques in his father’s woodshop has now been traded for creating pieces of true art in his own studio located in Hudson, NH. Opening RJ Art Works is a dream that began when Randy was 7 and became a reality in 2014.

Randy takes inspiration from the world around him, finding as much beauty in a jagged piece of metal as he does in the graceful curve of a windswept tree. His latest project is the culmination of his love for the sea and the objects he finds during his many trips to the seashore. In his Nautilus Shell line he brings together rare and unique woods to create an object of immense beauty and intricacy. Randy’s shells are created from layers of wood which he crafts to fit together perfectly and then finishes to a glimmering shine, second only to the natural shell that inspired them. Each piece takes 40+ hours to complete and is created completely by hand, no mass production is used in any of his work.

The woods that Randy prefers to work in include, among others; wenge, maple, purpleheart, padouk, jatoba, bloodwoood, douglass fir and morado.

In addition to the pieces available in his shop, Randy accepts commissions for custom work. He has produced unique pieces of furniture, both in wood and a mixture of wood and industrial materials, as well as custom wood boxes, some with glass inserts, wood and glass lamps, intricate wooden baskets etc. His creativity is limitless and he works closely with his clients to create a piece of art that they can pass down from generation to generation. To Randy, the passing of family traditions, whether activities or items, is where it all began for him and he strives to create an heirloom in every piece that leaves his studio.

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If you are charmed by sea life, then owning your own nautilus shell is a must. Bring the beauty of sea life and the uniqueness of my woodwork into your home with these wooden shells today. Call or email me to know more about the products and to order one.